Expert from 1996

So.Pr.Ad. SRL can boast thirty years in this sector. Highly qualified staff manage the purchases of raw materials, interacting with suppliers in a dynamic, synergic and constructive way, transforming them into strategic partners for the Company. This collaboration guarantees total quality control and a constant search for innovative and high-performance solutions.

The commercial structure has its strengths in its competence and experience. The officials have a strong technical profile, proposing themselves to customers as serious and reliable consultants, able to support them in choosing the best materials for each individual application.

The internal “Customer Service” office manages the flow of orders using agile and precise procedures, designed with the aim of giving quick and complete answers. Customer Satisfaction is an essential part of the Soprad philosophy.

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Our customer service

The service is guaranteed by a staff of highly qualified technicians, able to suggest the ideal products for each customer’s individual application. Customers can count on timely and thorough consultations, along with technical visits to ensure the correct verification and the choice of the most suitable materials.

The sales office managed the orders in compliance with the requests of our customers and are able to check at any time the progress of their orders, using the support of a shipping warehouse designed on the basis of the most modern industry methods.