From 1996

Our products in the world

So.Pr.Ad. produces and exports its products throughout Europe and around the world.
They are used for the temporary surface protection of a wide variety of materials and are characterized by the t requirements of each individual application: the adhesives are selected and studied based on their degree of removability and resistance to weathering.

Even the plastic films used as a support for adhesives are chosen to withstand the stresses that the different applications require: from sealing to heat, to durability, to external agents (UV), to mechanical traction.

Productive process

The coating plants have been designed and manufactured to offer high quality production standards. On line quality controls are in place including 100% thickness coating measurement system.
They are managed by special electronic systems that control every phase of the process, maintaining the technical qualities required for each individual material.

Modern cutting equipment guarantees precise and fast processing in line with the needs of the customers. The available dimensions can satisfy all application requirements by offering a maximum width of the rolls of over 2 meters.

Research and Development

Sophisticated equipment supplied to the in-house laboratory makes it possible to lay out, test and manufacture adhesive mixtures that are ideal for satisfying the most demanding applications required.
Customers can therefore rely on “customized” products based on their own technical requirements.
Quality is also guaranteed by a careful selection of the raw materials used, which are monitored and controlled with strict verification procedures before and during their use.


Particular attention is paid to the quality of work and the environment. So.Pr.Ad uses the most advanced safety systems to safeguard the health of operators.

Significant attention is paid to respecting the environment, state of art technology is in place in order to minimize and control emissions, waste and recovery of solvent is managed with the most sophisticated equipment.